Welcome to my new blog :)

My plan is that it'll be a mix of graphic design and art, fabulous finds, tips, ideas and tutorials plus shop news and a scattering of things from my life in the slow lane.

My other blog 'Floating Around in Bubbles' that was chatting about my Redbubble artwork and crafty creations, will be archived and that new one over at Wordpress will be removed (or deleted, exterminated or erased... depending on your upbringing) because I think there are enough things to juggle each day without having three blogs to forget to update!!!

Edit (Feb 2014) : Floating Around in Bubbles may have a few broken links and images. If you see anything over there that you'd like to see again, please get in contact. Just because its disappeared from the never never, doesn't mean I don't have it any more!

This is Origami Man meeting who he thinks is a new friend, the Venus Fly Trap.
Just one of my many works of art on display in my Redbubble gallery.

To start off this new blog, I've chosen to chat about what I often talk about in the real world (ok, and on Facebook too) ... Juggling everything to get more time out of every day!

We all have loads we want to get done and often do try to get it all done in one day at the same time as juggling family, friends and work commitments. But every day goes past at the speed of a blink and I don't know about you, but it seems as though my todo list is getting longer, not shorter!

I have a grand plan to fix my ever growing todo list... I'm going to set a time limit for answering and writing emails, Facebook, Pinterest and those little games that only take a minute each to play.

--- ha ha ha... only a minute! That's so funny!!! How many times have you gone to check Snoopy's Street Fair and collect the coins and water the sunflowers, only to be sucked into wandering around with Snoopy and Woodstock, giggling at their antics? No, me neither.

But anyway, I'm going to set the alarm (that I will NOT ignore) for an hour each day. Not an hour for each item, but an hour in total. I'm thinking an hour in the morning before work, then another after dinner. Starting tonight!

I have a feeling this will be just like those New Year's resolutions that are made every year. But the intention is good. Wish me luck :)

The more ways we all have to either slow down time or stretch it out the better, so if you have any great ideas please share... comment here or Facebook or pin it at Pinterest.

Also, if you are a fellow Redbubbler or Zazzler, leave a comment below with your shop links.

Happy Creative Day!