Saturday, December 16, 2017

Must Love Crazy Dogs

Must Love Dogs ... not only one of my favourite movies but a fun choice to use for this journal page (theme was "movie quote"), especially when put together with Tim's Crazy Dogs. I took it from when Jake was having a chat with the father of his would-be girlfriend (Kate) and says "She was a unique constellation. She was my Halley's Comet."

Dylusions paint in blue, purple, grey and black

Its on plain paper in a small spiral bound book. No gesso or sealer, just paint. I always use scrap paper (or in this case, old packaging) to protect the other artwork and pages in the book.

The background consists of 4 colours of Dylusions Acrylic Paint - After Midnight, Laidback Lilac, Slate Grey and Black Marble.

I used a 1 inch wide flat paintbrush to apply the colours. I painted over most of the surface with the dark blue (After Midnight), then added the purple (Laidback Lilac). The grey was used to blend everything together, then black was roughly brushed across the top and bottom of the page. The beginnings of the comet was painted using grey.

The night sky painted in blue, purple, grey and black

In different lighting, the night sky background was very intense, yet in other lighting the purple was dominant. Its amazing how different colours appear at different times of the day! The pic above is while the paint was still wet. It seems to lighten a bit as it dried. Could have been the extra purple I added before saying "nup, leave it alone". lol :)

I left the background to dry completely and went about stamping and colouring the Tim Holtz Crazy Dogs. The obvious choice was for the lovesick puppy to be Jake and I chose the tall dog because labradors are awesome - and he / she was facing the "correct" way for what I wanted.

Colouring Tim Holtz Crazy Dogs with Jane Davenport Mixed Media Mermaid Markers

Deciding on colours can be hard sometimes. Its art and just a bit of fun so didn't really want them to be brown, white or black like real dogs - plus I wanted to use the Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers (as I do alot these days... can't help it, the colours are so vibrant and gorgeous!).

The girl dog, Kate, (above) was coloured using Lagoon (pale blue) and Stormy Seas (grey).

Colouring Tim Holtz Crazy Dogs with Jane Davenport Mixed Media Mermaid Markers

Jake the boy dog was coloured using Bali Blue (blue green) and Reef (dark reddish brown). Pirate's Gold (yellow) and Octopus (red) was also used for both dogs' collars, mouths and tongues.

Colouring hearts with Jane Davenport Mixed Media Mermaid Markers

I drew hearts using black pen, then had to draw more because I used the soluble one, not the permanent one and they went blurry when I added the ink from the Octopus Mermaid Marker... a gorgeously rich ruby red. Lucky I love to draw and colour :) This pic also shows my practice pieces for the constellations.

painting of Halley's Comet as it flies past our lovebirds

I placed the dogs on the page to gauge where the Halley's Comet was going to fly. Thankfully, the Dylusions Paint dries quite fast so when I painted the comet in Vanilla Custard (yellow), I didn't really have to wait for layers to dry to get that rich, solid round sphere. I added a bit of grey around and along all edges to break up the yellow, to make it appear round.

Stars and constellations were added as the page progressed, a few at a time. I used both the Dylusions white paint pen and white Sharpie (extra fine).

Crazy Dogs in Love highlighted with Jane Davenport Magic Wand Pencils

Each dog was fussy cut with fine scissors but you can get Sizzix die templates to do this for you. They're a great option if you have trouble with scissors (due to things like arthritis and other nasties) or want to cut them out faster. Look for "Tim Holtz Sizzix Die Set Crazy Dogs".

I also added highlights using the Jane Davenport Magic Wands - coloured pencils. I used Kiss Kiss (pink) for Kate and Eyeshadow (pale aqua) was used for Jake.

They're such beautiful pencils to use - creamy, smooth and blend so beautifully. They tend to get a waxy haze (bloom) after a few layers but that can be rubbed away with a finger before adding more. They draw over the top of watercolours and inks really well.

Adding unique constellations and a quote to the journal page

The girl dog received a beautiful set of long eyelashes drawn in black pen, and both dogs had their eyes blackened with pen and the white highlight spotted with the Dylusions white paint pen.

The quote was practiced half a dozen times on scrap paper before attempting the journal page. So glad the Dylusions paints dry permanent because I washed off the white Sharpie twice before this version of the wording... didn't hurt the background at all (phew).

The words, Halley's Comet, didn't quite line up, so instead of starting again I added the horizontal lines and made the letters thicker. Now it looks like its meant to be different :) Nobody knows things are wrong in art unless you tell them!

Finished mixed media journal page by Jenny James

So this is it... Kate and Jake, the crazy dogs in love, stargazing at a passing comet while contemplating the meaning in the stars.

I'm very happy with how this turned out... Tim's dogs are just adorable and they're a joy to use in crafts. You can't help but smile when stamping, colouring and cutting!

Thanks for visiting :) I hope this inspires you to get crazy with art too!

Happy Creative Day!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Everything's Rosy in My Garden

This page was created in my Jane Davenport 6x9 art journal using a few of my favourite things... watercolours, acrylic paint, stickers, stencils, die cuts, stamps and doodling. No theme, just a day playing in the studio!

Almost everything I use can be found in my shop but I also use other bits and pieces (as you do... art can be created from just about anything). If you need a hand finding anything, ask me anytime. I'm here to help :)

The page is just a bit bigger than an A4 on its side... approx 30cm x 22.5cm and is made of watercolour paper.

For the background I used a wet-wipe (damp paper-ish cloth, also called a baby wipe) to blend Dylusions Acrylic Paint in Lemon Zest over the whole surface. Then using the same cloth I blended Dirty Martini around the edge and a bit in the middle. Just roughly using only a smidge of paint each time (about a pea sized spot).

The stencils I used were Dylusions Arrows 5x8, Tim Holtz Roses and Screwed, as well as Darkroom Door Mesh 9x12. For these initial layers I only used green and yellow paint (Dirty Martini and Lemon Zest).

To blend the paint through the stencils, I used an ink blending tool (the round one). This enables you to use a small quantity of paint yet make it go a long way. It dries quite fast when used like this, so I could stencil straight over the top each layer without worrying about the paint smooshing underneath. Not that it mattered really, I'm supposed to be learning to trust the mess! lol :)

Less is more they say but sometimes we all just want more ... so I used Dylusions Slate Grey paint with the small Dylusions Arrows stencil and the large Darkroom Door Wildflower stencil. Next, using the wet-wipe again, I blended a bit of grey around the edge of the whole page.

If your wet-wipe is still damp with paint, blend it over another page or surface ... using leftover bits of paint randomly like this can create the most interesting backgrounds! Clean off stencils the same way (wiping on a spare page). Dyan Reaveley calls them Accidental Pages :) I usually use the leftovers to make ATCs.

For the garden, I've used Dylusions stamp sets, Everything's Rosy and Anatomy of a Page. Using the black Archival ink pad from the Dylusions Creative Dyary Ink set, I stamped the flowers into the book and onto a sheet of watercolour paper.

The border stamp is flexible so it can be shaped to the Dylusions Journal Block to create waves and hills on the page. I used the Dirty Martini Archival Ink Pad for this.

I like how the background appears to have more colour than the 3 colours (and black) I used.

Using the fine end of my Kuretake Brush Pen (brown Hikkei double ended pen below), I've drawn a wavy dashed line and a few extra bits and pieces. The flowers were all coloured using Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers and the Paint Over Pens (white and beach).

Tip to the wise... wait until everything is dry before using the white pen... it dries alot whiter when it doesn't have to blend with damp paint! lol :) The brush nib of the Paint Over Pens are easy to clean so its no drama - just scribble a bit on scrap paper and voila, all clean.

I stamped heaps of the flowers and a few of the Tim Holtz Crazy Cat onto watercolour paper then decided I needed a snail and a different butterfly body. I always draw elements a few times so I've got plenty to choose from when I colour. If this pen is too thick for your tastes, check out the Jane Davenport Inkredible Pen. It draws beautiful fine lines. Both this Kuretake Pen and the Inkredible Pen are dye-based inks that will react to water - perfect for pen and wash drawings or adding shadows and depth.

This pic above is of the Mermaid Markers - I used Lobster (red), Byron Bay (turquoise), Beach (pale peach), Pirate's Gold (golden yellow), Seaweed (green), Starfish (purple) and Reef (dark brown).

I really enjoyed colouring these elements. Any pieces left over are kept for another day. I used one of the daisies to create a snail shell, added thorns to the roses and drew a few more leaves.

Everything was glued down using Glossy Accents (after trimming with scissors). They're not completely stuck down as I only added glue to the centre of each piece. I also glued the roses over the top of the ones stamped directly on the page.

Stickers are fun to use in art journaling... I've used "live laugh love" and the heart from the Dylusions Creative Dyary Sticker Book and the various words from Tim Holtz Chitchat spiral bound sticker book.

Here's the Crazy Cat with the snail.... the cat was coloured using only a wash of black watercolour paint. I used Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Art Sticks but any black or dark grey paint will give the same effect. You could use the new black Mermaid Marker or the Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks :) All watercolour paints are here.

So that's it... my rosy garden :) Thanks so much for visiting and reading this far. I hope you enjoyed what you've seen.

Have a happy day!

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