Wednesday, December 19, 2018

How to Create a Fun Christmas Collage

Merry Christmas!

Its that fab time of year when we add elves and holly to almost anything. This mixed media artwork was created using the adorable Dyan Reaveley stamps, Dylusions Ink Sprays, Tim's gorgeous Collage Paper and a few other supplies. I hope it inspires you to have a go and enjoy the fun process of smooshing paint and colouring stamps!

The colours were inspired by this beautiful bucketful of Geraldton Wax my Dad placed at my door after he pruned our tree.

List of treasures used ...

Strathmore Paper Pad - Mixed Media - Series 400 - 9x12
Dylusions Mixed Media Cardstock
- Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Collage Paper "Forest"
- Dylusions Acrylic Paint (link is to all colours)
- Dylusions Ink Sprays (link is to all colours)
- Finnabair Metallique Antique Coin (tap here for all Art Alchemy Metallique paints)
- Dylusions Stamps "Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe" and "Elf Improvement Class"
Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Cling Foam Stamps - Christmas Ornaments
- Stencils by Dylusions, Tim Holtz and Studio Light (click here for all stencils)
- Jane Davenport Cave Black Squid Ink (or use Ranger Jet Black Archival Ink)
- Dylusions Paint Pens (black and white)
Kuretake Hikkei Black Double Ended Brush Pen
- Finnabair Extravagance Paper Texture Paste
Ranger Multi Medium Matte
Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley Mini Collage Glue Stick
Tim Holtz Non-Stick Mini Snips
- Tim Holtz Plastic Spatula (click here for all spatulas)
Tim Holtz Distress Splatter Paint Brush
- Paint Brushes (link is to all paint brushes)
Tim Holtz Distress Sprayer Bottle
- Ranger Ink Blending Tools (click here for all blending tools)
- Acrylic Stamping Blocks

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Instructions ...

The first thing I did was blend Dylusions Bubblegum Pink Acrylic Paint over the whole of my page using my trusty Ranger Ink Blending Tool. Using the same blending tool, I picked up a speck the Dylusions White Linen Acrylic Paint (I'd put a portion of each colour the size of a 20 cent piece on my craft mat). The white was used to blend over the top right and bottom left of the page, making it a fraction lighter.

The next step was adding some interest into the background... using the small Dylusions Squares Stencil and with the white still on the blending tool, I added patches of squares (see below).

Dylusions Paint dries quite fast on a warm day so remembering to put lids back on straight away is important. When finished for the day, I always open up the jars I've used and add a mist or two of water and give it a light shake. This helps stop the paint from thickening as the jar empties (from use!).

Its pretty rare that I'll only use 1 or 2 stencils on a background... I usually choose designs to match my thoughts or the theme of what I'm creating. At this point I wasn't quite sure where I was headed, so adding the Dylusions Arrows was a perfect replica of my thoughts - all over the place! lol :)
They've been layered onto the page using Bubblegum Pink.

Above is a quick overview of the page so far. Here I've added Dylusions Pomegrannate Acrylic Paint through a Studio Light Flower Stencil.

The flower stencil was flipped to add the third flower then Dylusions Honeycomb, Keyholes and Hearts were layered onto the page with Bubblegum Pink and White Linen paint.

Shapes of baubles from the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology "Christmas" Foam Stamps were then printed across the top of the page using Dylusions White Linen Paint.
The above photo shows how : by placing the foam stamp on an acrylic block, applying paint with a foam ink blending tool and pressing to print.

Once all the paint was dry, I stamped on the Santa sleigh from the Dylusions set, "Elf Impovement Class" using a black inkpad. I then coloured over it using a black paint pen to make it stand out even more from the page.

I've pasted two pieces of Tim Holtz Collage Tissue Paper onto the page using a matte medium gel (adhesives like Mod Podge or Ranger's Glue 'n Seal will also work) and a wide flat paintbrush. The piece on the right hand side has been torn and pieced back to work around the sleigh.

How to add a layer of tissue... brush the matte medium gel or glue onto a small section of the page. Place the tissue paper onto this section and smooth it down using the same brush. Lift the unglued section carefully and apply medium underneath, smoothing it down with the brush as you go.

This technique makes it easier to line up the tissue paper without it getting stuck where its not wanted. The smaller section then holds the paper in place while you glue the rest of it down. If you put glue over the whole page first, it might be dry before you've placed your tissue. The size of your section depends on your page size and the weather... I generally work in strips of 2-3 inches wide until the whole sheet is stuck. I also cover the whole page with more matte medium to ensure it is completely stuck! On a loose page like this one, I fold and glue the excess to the back.

White splatters of paint always seem to liven up a page. Sometimes I use the Dylusions White Linen Ink Spray or Tim's Distress Spray Stain in Picket Fence.
I still had some White Linen paint on my craft sheet so added a few sprays of water and mixed it in with the splatter brush (as shown above). I then flick paint all over the place and let it dry.

Adding areas of texture paste onto a background creates a tactile element to the page. The Ranger Translucent Gel Texture Paste is easily seen when wet and clear after its dry.

Using a spatula or palette knife (some use an old credit card), scrape the gel across and through a stencil (I've used the Tim Holtz "Poinsettia" and "Festive" Layering Stencils). Lift the stencil carefully to reveal the beautiful design.

The above photo is a closeup of the texture paste before it dried. Once dry, it is clear but remains raised.

Above is an overview of the whole page so far... waiting for all that texture paste to dry! While waiting, I coloured in my stamps.

Using the Jane Davenport Squid Ink in black, I stamped out oodles of holly leaves, mistletoe and elves. Jane's hybrid ink is both water and solvent resistant... which means you can use it with both watercolours and alcohol markers - and the stamped image didn't go blurry with either of them!

All the images were coloured with Dylusions Ink Spray... the leaves were painted using a small round brush using Fresh Lime with London Blue painted into the shadows and stems. Some had more blue than others and I left all the berries white (ie, unpainted).

The leaves were all handcut using small scissors then edged in Bubblegum Pink Ink Spray (to complment the background). A few sprigs of holly had white space left in tact which was also painted with the pink Ink Spray.

The elves' heads were painted with Dylusions Ink Sprays as well. To get their elfish skin tone, I started with a very small puddle of Bubblegum Pink on my plate (see further above) and added water (2-3 times the amount of ink) to make it alot paler. This was painted onto their faces.
I then mixed in a teeny tiny drop of green to the pink (turning it slightly brown) and used that for shadows around the neck, cheeks and ears.

The hats were painted using Cherry Pie (red) and silly me tried to paint out the spots using white paint before they dried (which is why they're so muddy!). The shadows were added using the greeny brown mix left over from the faces. The bells were different colours to see which I liked best but were only a base for underneath the gold paint.

After the muddle of the elf hats, I painted the shoes more carefully, leaving the white spots without colour... takes longer to do but a much better way to go.
Fresh Lime and Cut Grass were used for the leggings and inside of the boots.

I was hanging out to use the beautiful "Falling Stars" stencil by Tim and the very cool Finnabair Paper Texture Paste (made by Prima Marketing). I applied this thick paste through the stencil and let it dry (which didn't take long, always a bonus!). It remained white when dry with a hard, raised, 3-dimensional texture with a rough finish.

After being introduced to Ranger's Dylusions Glue Stick by Dyan, I've not used anything else (apart from Glossy Accents and various mediums). For such a little gluestick, it packs alot of punch! It dries fast, clear, permanent on porous surfaces and is non-yellowing. Being little is so handy too, as it makes it alot easier to apply glue to tiny leaves and skinny stems.

Almost finished... I cleaned up the elves' hats and fixed up Santa's sleigh using the Dylusions Paint Pens and Kuretake pen. The cat on Santa's sleight got given whiskers and a longer tail.

Closeup photo showing how the legs were pieced together for the two elves carrying the Christmas trees. The pair of legs on the left were cut apart and put back together to appear as if they're walking or taking a step. Each shoe has a spot of gold acrylic paint for the bell.

Not all characters need a body! Simply make them look like they're carrying something (like a tree) or hiding behind something else. Create the illusion of a body by showing just the head and feet, the eyes will do the rest :)

The elf on the right hand side of the page has tripped over a tiny leaf of holly and dropped his tree. Adding another leaf over the top of the thigh hides the lack of body as well :)

All finished :) Click to view larger!

I hope this helps and inspires you to get creative with your layering. Don't forget to allow some layers to dry before adding more. I'm here if you need a hand :) Have fun!

Happy Creative Day!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

How to Create an Underwater Garden for an Octopus

I do love Dyan Reaveley's adorable fish, octopus and crabs with their cheeky attitudes! They're just so much fun to stamp, colour and cut out. Here I've used them to create an underwater garden for an octopus (he's too big for the scene, so is hanging around the top of the page).
Swimming along with these creatures are a seahorse and lobster from the Tim Holtz Cling Stamps - Sea Life.  The quote is from the Tim Holtz Cling Stamps - Stuff to Say.

List of treasures to recreate this page...

- Art Journals or use blank paper (my page was approx A3 in size)
- Acrylic Paints
- Archival Ink (I used 'Jet Black')
- Paint Brushes and Blending Tools
- Dylusions Stamps (I used "Under the Sea", "Ocean Backgrounds" and "Flight of Fancy")
Tim Holtz Cling Stamps - Sea Life
Tim Holtz Cling Stamps - Stuff to Say
- Stencils and Masks
Tim Holtz Non-Stick Micro-Serrated Mini Snips
- Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers (watercolour ink brush pens)
- Gansai Tambi Watercolour Paints
This link is to everything labeled "Under the Sea" (might be useful)
Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley Mini Collage Glue Stick - 3 Pack
- Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads
Ranger Transparent Gloss Texture Paste
Dylusions Acrylic Art Journal Block
- Other Stamping Accessories


As usual, I stamped out more than I needed onto Dylusions Mixed Media Paper (see below), using black Archival ink and an Acrylic Journal Block.
I keep all extras in a tray to wander through now and then. All get used eventually, on cards, ATCs and other journal pages.

The background was created using 2 colours of acrylic paint (dark and light blue, use whatever paints and colours you wish). Using a rubber roller (brayer), paint was applied and rolled back and forth until I liked what I saw, then dabbing with a sea sponge to break up all the lines.
There isn't a photo of this technique in action, only the above photo of the dried paint with the plants already started.

The seaweed, coral and ground (scalloped sea floor) were stamped directly onto the page using the Dylusions Ocean Backgrounds Stamp Set. After altering the plants and drawing more elements with a black marker, they were then painted with yellow acrylic paint.

I probably should have waited for the page to dry properly before I continued, but I went straight on with it and used Distress Inks with an ink blending tool and a bunch of different stencils - all of which disappeared as it dried except a few that were over the yellow plants. I was having a lovely time, layering and inking so while you can't see anything, it wasn't totally wasted!

Still not waiting for layers to dry, I added a few patches of hearts and bubbles with Transparent Gloss Texture Paste, wiping it through the stencils using a spatula. Not waiting for the ink to dry caused all my texture paste to get a yellow and blue glow, proof that the Distress Inks were definitely on the page.

Transparent Gloss Texture Paste ... wet.
Transparent Gloss Texture Paste ... dry.
It was cool watching the texture paste dry as I painted all the scenery... magical almost!

I painted the plants using a brush with just the basics, white yellow, red, blue, purple and black acrylic. The sea floor was sponged using a homemade mix of browns and greens (whatever was left on my plate after painting the plants).

It was a couple of days before I could get back to it, so by the time I gathered my fish, crabs, seahorse, lobster and other creatures to colour, the background was well and truly dry.

I've coloured the critters using the Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers and Gansai Tambi watercolour paints, then covered most of them with a coating of iridescent medium to give an extra bit of shimmer.

I usually colour stamped images before trimming, then apply ink around the edges (using the ink blending tool) hiding the white paper.
The inked edges seem to lift them off the page better, giving a bit of definition to their outline. On really tiny pieces, I use markers or pencils to ink the edges either in colours to match the background or the images themselves. Use whatever feels right or what makes you smile :)

Placement was fun... they kept moving around when I bumped the page! The photo above was taken while I was deciding if I needed to colour more or start cutting out. The photo below shows all the critters slowly being cut out and stuck down.

The sign was stamped in black Archival ink then blended around the edges (and some in the middle) using the Peeled Paint (green) Distress Ink (with an ink blending tool) and splattered to give a bubbly look.

Its all coming together nicely :)
Well, its taken a fathom of text (I know but it couldn't be helped! lol) but here it is (above), the finished page of my octopus's garden.

You may have noticed that all eyes and expressions have been altered from the stamps, creating both happy, excitable and nervous creatures. I've used white and black paint pens to do this as well as redraw some of the linework that was covered with paint.

These little guys are blue ringed octopus all the way from South Australia, friends of the giant octopus who claims this garden as his own. Dad came along while I was taking these pics, looking for the yellow submarine...

As the little fish swim around the giant octopus' tentacles, they have to change colour so as to stay hidden from being someone's lunch!

The sandworms like to hide inside their bright green tubes as they watch the others swim about the garden. A small fish should be smarter than to go after something as big as this octopus, unless he's chasing the dark blue fish...

I'm so grateful to Lousie (AAJS) for organising the journal swap and to Danie, who's theme and book it was that allowed me to enjoy such a magical journey. It was so much fun :)

I hope this art journal page inspires you to have a go, whether an underwater world or you give them wings! If you have questions or need a hand, sing out anytime :)

Remember, the world of reality has its limits, but the world of imagination is boundless.

Have fun!

This is an edited version of the blog post I wrote for the Australian Art Journal Swap in 2017.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Twilight Pumpkin Patch

These totally adorable Tim Holtz Pumpkinhead Stamps (CMS309) were happily growing in the veggie patch when a flock of ravens flew in for dinner. 
photo of artwork showing Tim Holtz Pumpkinheads and Ravens Stamps
Not many photos were taken when I created this art journal page but these will hopefully give you an idea on how to create your own twisted wild garden. Enjoy :)

Treasures used...
Jane Davenport Mixed Media Journal - 6x9in
- All blank art journal books
Strathmore Art Paper Watercolour - Series 500 Hot Press - 8x10
- All Strathmore's watercolour paper
Tim Holtz Cling Stamps - Pumpkinhead
Tim Holtz Cling Stamps - Ravens
Archival Ink Pad and Reinker Set - Jet Black
- Dylusions Acrylic Paint
... I used Laidback Lilac, Slate Grey, Black Marble.
- Tim Holtz Layering Stencils
... I used Mosaic, Tinsel, Twisted Branch, Pines, Flames.
Ink Blending Tool - Mini Round Foam - 2 Tools
Tim Holtz Mini Snips - Non Stick Micro Serrated Scissors - 5 inch
- Watercolour Paints
Zig Watercolor BrusH2O Long Waterbrush - Medium Tip
- All paint brushes and blending tools

The Background...

photo of artwork showing Tim Holtz Pumpkinheads and Ravens Stamps
I used a damp fine cloth (you could use a wet wipe or babywipe) and smooshed Dylusions Acrylic Paint in Slate Grey over the whole surface of the page. Simply dip the cloth in the lid of the jar to pick up a spot of paint (its easier to collect a small amount if you're not dipping into the jar) and wipe over the page... doesn't have to be perfect or even.

You could use a soft piece of silk if you wanted a reusable wet wipe - it needs to be damp almost dry, not wet.
Anything thicker than silk will soak up the paint instead of allow it to blend over the surface. Tissues and kitchen paper towel, while quick and easy, often fall apart leaving fluff and bits everywhere and will to soak up the paint.

Or use a paint brush, roller, brayer, blending tool, foam block, sea sponge, your fingers... really, you can use anything for blending colour over a background.

So, can you image a patchy plain grey page? Cool :)

Next, I applied the pastel purple paint, Laidback Lilac with a 2" wide rubber brayer (also called a roller). Use the wet wipe you've just put down to collect a dob of purple paint from the lid and put on your craft sheet, paint palette or scrap paper. Roll the brayer into the paint and then roll over the grey page. I went up and down, then across back and forth. Using the now grey-purple cloth, I blended around all 4 sides of the page.

Another reason to take paint from the lid, so you don't mix up your paints when doing things like this! Especially when using white or yellow after any other colour.

photo of artwork showing Tim Holtz Pumpkinheads and Ravens Stamps
I chose a few Tim Holtz Stencils to match my theme of a wild twisted garden and blended through them using an Ink Blending Tool (with the round foam), alternating between the Slate Grey and Laidback Lilac paints, mixing the colours together more and more as each stencil design was added.

I added Black Marble at one point (see the Mosaic) but it was too dark. Easily fixed by adding a grey layer after it dried.

The Pumpkins and Ravens...

photo of artwork showing Tim Holtz Pumpkinheads and Ravens Stamps
I've used Strathmore's hot-press watercolour paper for all the pumpkins and ravens, printing with Ranger's Jet Back Archival Ink Pad then left to dry for a few minutes. As you can see in the above photo, I also use an orange ink pad but didn't like how it looked.

photo of artwork showing Tim Holtz Pumpkinheads and Ravens Stamps
All pumpkins were coloured using watercolour paints in yellow, orange, red, blue, green... bit of a mix and match technique! All were cut out by hand using scissors then glued onto the page as shown in the photos.

Here's how you can recreate them at home :
- Blue pumpkinheads : light blue watercolour paint all over, while still wet (so the colours blend) apply a darker blue only around the outside of the pumpkin and stalk. Tip areas with yellow to give them a green tinge.
- Green pumpkinhead : paint pale yellow all over and while still wet, apply blue around the outside of the shape.
- Yellow pumpkinheads : paint all over with either light yellow then (while wet) add either orange or blue around the edges.
- Orange pumpkinheads : colour all over with dark yellow and blend around the outside using red or dark orange.

Basically... start light and add darker colours gradually. Working while the paint is wet enables the colours to blend as they dry. If you want a more layered look, wait for each colour to dry before adding the others.
Stick to the colour groups for best results - warms with warms, cools with cools - or you may end up with muddy colours or brown (unless you want a muddy brown!).
Experiment and see what combos you come up with that make you smile!

photo of artwork showing Tim Holtz Pumpkinheads and Ravens Stamps
The birds are all stamps too. The flying ravens were stamped directly into place using the black Archival ink, then overpainted using Dylusions black paint.
The two standing ravens were stamped onto watercolour paper using black Archival ink then fussy cut using scissors. Their edges were inked in black before being glued in place. I used Dylusions Glue Stick for adhering everything in place.

You could save time by using the Tim Holtz Thinlits - Die Cutting Set by Sizzix - Feather and Ravens to cut out a whole flock of ravens. Either use black paper or card or colour it black before or after you cut out the birds.

photo of artwork showing Tim Holtz Pumpkinheads and Ravens Stamps
Here is the finished art journal page, 22.5cm x 29cm wide. I've placed the pumpkinheads in groups so they can chat and laugh together while the birds circle overhead. I expect the grumpy ones know they're on the menu or are just annoyed that someone with sharp talons is on their head!

I hope this fun page inspires and helps with your creative journey. Sing out if you have questions or need a hand, I'm here to help. Have fun!

Have a happy creative day!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Gypsy Art Journal Page

Life of a gypsy has always appealed to me... living in a gorgeous wagon drawn by a huge, friendly Clydesdale horse, with beautiful surroundings and a peaceful lifestyle - nothing but painting, drawing, crochet, embroidery, colouring and reading. A world of happy, friendly animals and wildlife. Of course my cats wouldn't hurt a fly so they're able to hang out with me in the sunflower garden (birds, frogs and lizards feeling totally safe of course! lol).

The theme was "Gypsy" and is part of the Australian Art Journal Swap (click here to visit the AAJS blog).

Here's a quick reference list of treasures to make this page...
... Pines, Heartstruck, Leafy, Feathers, Flourish, Wildflower, Blossom, Lace, Trellis
- Studio Light Stencils, Flowers
- Dyan Reaveley by Dylusions Stamps
... Sunshine Girl, Everything's Rosy
- Laurel Burch Stamps
... stamps with cats, dogs, horses and mermaids to be added online soon :)
Kuretake Hikkei Double Ended Brush Pen
If you need a hand finding anything or would like to order something, sing out anytime :)

I started the page by painting a Dylusional Rainbow. I used a Ranger Ink Blending Tool and at first, painted strips of colour across the page but got quickly tired of the long lines. Dabbing made the colours appear to blend (they just overlap) and was easier to fix when I went overboard.
Amazingly enough, I didn't make a huge mess on the backs of the pages (phew!).

The colours used were : Postbox Red, Tangerine Dream, Lemon Zest, Cut Grass, Dirty Martini, London Blue, Calypso Teal, Crushed Grape for the initial rainbow, then layered using Tim's stencils with Lemon Zest, Pomegranate Seed, Mushy Peas, Crushed Grape and After Midnight.

The pic to the right is just to show what the ink blending tools look like. They're wooden handles with Velcro to hold the found pieces of dense foam. Washable and reusable :)
I use them just like I use sea sponges - dabbing, smooshing, blending, spotting, dusting, swirling, whatever the hand and paint want to do. I used to also use those house painter's foam rectangles till I discovered the world of Ranger! They were more furry than foam... meant for fast, drip free wall painting.

I used a variety of stencils by Tim Holtz (wildflowers, blossoms, trellis, lace, flourish, pines, heartstruck) and Studio Light (above)... 

Its usually recommended that less is more when using paint with stencils. Too much paint and it can leak underneath the plastic, giving you a less than perfect design.

Above shows how heavy handed I am with paint! lol :) If you saw a closeup of someone else's artwork, you'd see even coats of paint without those edges, borders, bumps and messes.

An overview of the background as its drying. See? Much nicer than my spotty rainbow :) Love the colours!

Inbetween the different layers of the background were drying, I stamped, coloured and cut out my collage pieces. I was itching to use Dyan Reaveley's gorgeous new stamp set "Sunshine Girl".

I've never felt so attached to someone else's design before :D She's just like me! lol :) I wear shift dresses over leggings and long sleeved shirts, short boots (always wanted red ones), have a beanie that is just like that hat (Mum made it years ago - she called it my Wee Willie Winkie Hat) and I have purple hair (used to be curly and have always loved ringlets). Naturally purple of course :)

So anyway, as usual these days, I reached for those Mermaid Markers of Jane Davenport's. My greens and yellows are running out too! Lucky I know where I can get more :)

The gorgeous dark brown in the centre of the flower is made up of yellow, green, brown and black.
With white spots made using a paint pen.
The petals are the two yellows with a hint of pink and brown for the shadows.
I cut the flower out with scissors and inked the edges with the lime green marker after gluing it together.

I used Google for help on how a wagon should look, making my own a mix of all I saw that had wooden spoked wheels and fillagrees. I like wooden wheels. Many modern wagons I found had car tyres that while practical, are simply not beautiful.

Sometimes things look so much better after they're cut out... The flower stems are from "Everything's Rosy" and the two adorable cats are stamps by Laurel Burch (Stampendous).

Do you ever find it can take ages to finally decide where everything should sit?

Ink now, worry later! lol :) I find if I fluff about too much with pencil before I put the ink down, I have too many eraser marks on the artwork.
I practiced in my Dyary first (its such nice drawing paper, see below), then used a bit of scrap with the quote scribbled down, as a guide for the size and keeping it straight (ish).

The lettering is from an old book I've had since I was in high school "The Lettering Book" by Noelene Morris (top right, its a bit tired). I flicked through a few and settled on an old favourite Noelene called "Mod Ombre".

"She dances to the songs in her head 
and the rhythm of her heart."

The actual quote I found said "She dances to the songs in her head, speaks with the rhythm of her heart, and loves from the depth of her soul." By the time I got to "head", it was clear I was going to run out of space.

I'm happy with how it turned out and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, from looking up variations of gypsy wagons to washing my stencils and stamps. Every part of creating an artwork is a wonderful thing... how it turns out is such a fabulous bonus!

Thanks so much for reading about my page for Louise. I hope it made you smile!

Have you used these stamps or paints in art? I'd love to see it!
Add or #ArtbyJenny to your Instagram post if you feel like sharing :D

Have a happy creative day!

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