Advertising Tips

Advertisements chew up alot of our marketing dollars, so you really need to ensure they're designed for impact. 

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and is also the cheapest, but sometimes we need to give our businesses a bit of a boost. 

Before designing your advertising campaign, you need to find the ideal space to display them... preferably a place where your potential clients will see them.

But some places like radio don't need it to look pretty, they just need good clear content.

Newspaper classifieds and similar styles of advertising only need short phrases (as they're under set headings and categiries), but when you want to get noticed in glossy magazines, websites and television its best to have a good looking and informative advert.

An advert I designed for my Redbubble shop
To work out where to advertise, think about where you usually look for the businesses you shop with. Whether its Facebook, magazines or radio, there will be an ideal space that suits both you and your customers. 

For instance, its best not place an advert for swimwear in a skiing magazine. Although the ski resorts have pools and spas, the majority of readers for those magazines will be looking for warm woolly clothing and ski boots, not bathers and thongs!

If you need help designing an advertising campaign or would like to brainstorm ideas, get in contact. Often the best ideas come from talking outloud to someone else.

Happy Creative Day!