My Mum - Author, Artist, Publisher

A post simply to brag about my Mum ... June Eliza James!

Not only is June talented at writing, painting, sewing and fashion design but we've discovered that she has a talent for publishing.

June is one of those clever people who is fabulous at everything she tries! Such an amazing person and a great friend... its wonderful to have a Mum who is also a friend :) I'm very lucky!

With a few tips, short lessons and help along the way from both myself and the amazing Lulu community, June has learnt to create book layouts for both printed books and ebooks.

Lulu Author Spotlight of June 'Eliza' James
A talented artist, June also illustrates the stories and poetry, and creates the covers inspired by beautiful leather-bound, vintage books that are over 100 years old.

So far, she has published 12 books (including her own), written by friends and fellow poets... Thelma Driver, Terry Piggott, Meryl Giumelli, Beth Scott, BV Kent and William Williams.

So new to publishing, yet has created the book that won the "Australian Poet Laureate Award, Best Published Book for 2013". This book by Terry Piggott is "Around the Campfire", a book of bush poetry from the Outback of Australia.

Congratulations June and Terry... its a fantastic book!

To buy this book click this link or visit June's store at Lulu ...

Happy Creative Day!