Designing and Creating Unique Logos

Every designer has a different view about what a logo should look like... after all, an image or icon designed just for you should be different. It should reflect what you sell with your (business) colours and style.

This is how I go about designing a logo... roughly anyway. Each and every single design I create, whether for a logo or website, has a different journey.

Firstly, I start with the words... and have a think about a few things (with the help of my client!).
- What is the name of the business?
- What is the slogan?
ie, "graphic design solutions for you and your business"
- Is it to be a text only logo or are there images involved?

On a personal note, the thinking shouldn't take too long and the words need to be typed out asap to show the shapes of the words and get the creative juices flowing.

When talking or thinking about thinking, I end up having funny thoughts about Winnie the Pooh and Dr Seuss. Usually quotes from the book "Oh The Things You Can Think" and images of Pooh Bear saying "think think think" as he sits confused on a log.

So on we go... you now have your words, lets get some style ideas.

Styles include (but not limited to, as the list is endless) the following (and samples below)...
- shabby chic (Art by Jenny - that's mine, above)
- nostalgic (like my fairy painting with the butterflies that I keep showing off everywhere!)
- strong feminine (Creative Ability Network)
- calm and secure (Your Budget Solutions)
- child friendly and crafty (Natural Fun)
- modern strong (Ristal)
- modern fun (Save a Kitty SA Inc)
- grunge and/or arty (Together Artistry)
- colourful (Robyn's Craft Cave)
- feminine and crafty (Angelarts Studio)
- feminine creative (The Fabric Thread)

I didn't design the Ristal logo but used this logo for the banners I designed for their stand at their last trade fair. Its a good representation of a modern logo.



Questions used to nut out these styles include...
- What does the business do?
ie, make or sell toys, advise about finance, enhance people's wellbeing.
- What sort of toys or product is made or sold?
ie, pool accessories, Tonka trucks or baby dolls.
- Who are the customers?
ie, men or women, young newly weds, older (often wiser!) people, teenagers.
- What are the clients likes and dislikes?
ie, types of animals, flowers, books, anything at all.
- Are there any illustrations or diagrams needed?

And of course, next is colour...
- What colours does the business use or would like to use? I usually ask what are their three favourite colours and go from there.

The wording, images, style and colour will tell me what fonts to choose and I while I state in my quotes I'll design at least three different samples, I always make more and send you the ones I like the most.

Just as a last 'for instance'. This is my logo created in two different ways, both in purple but one with white text and one with dark purple. The white wording banner also has an embossed edge, making it look raised off the page. See how little changes can make it look so different?

The most important thing about creating a logo or image of your business is that you like the finished design and that it makes you smile. If it does that, then it will make your customers smile too!

Well, that should give you a start. If you have any questions whatsoever, simply ask. I'm only an email away!

hee hee... I was inspired by watching Shrek2 the other night (again! its one of my favourites) where the Fairy Godmother would say, "I'm only a teardrop away!"

Happy Creative Day!