Useful Apps for Gadgets

Hello everyone :)

I think there are a fair few of us that have smart phones and tablets that do everything but the housework or wash the dishes... but then again, there's sure to be an app for those! Eventually!!!

I have a few faves... no, I don't just use games. I have a bucketful of useful apps (or applications) that are often found in those other categories. You've seen them - productivity, utilities and photo/video, and many more. 

There's even one called catalogues! I don't imagine that its productive for business but it sounds useful if you like shopping!

I have noticed though, that some of the so called time-saving productive apps take more time to use than it would if you just had a notebook! 

In case you've forgotten, a notebook is a book (actual paper bound together, usually with a cover) that can go anywhere and be used for nearly anything... drawing, writing, scribbling ideas, inventions, chatting (writing messages), games (noughts n crosses, dots, hangman), paper planes, scrapbooking and much more. And its eco friendly, battery free and wireless! 

hee hee All paper addicts will understand what I'm saying... if you don't get it, just pretend you didn't see it. As the penguins (Madagascar) would have said, with their wings/arms swirling about... "there 's nothing to see here!"

A few of the apps I've found useful are iBooks (great for storing and reading pdfs), Blogger (to write this post), Facebook Pages (its good because you can just update your page without distraction), Mailchimp (campaign/subs reports), Mailchimp Editor, Awesome Note, Mail, Music, Shopify, Paypal, eBay, Seek and Linkedin... just a few regulars!

There are so many more apps that we all find useful for every day. Most of the ones I have seem to make the time go too fast... they're still useful though :) They're mainly for drawing, painting, Facebook, Pinterest, photo editing, Safari, Project Life and other apps for "must do every day things". 

There are literally millions of apps out there, for both Apple and Android. While there are those that are a bit tacky, there are bound to be even more amazing apps that would be not just fun to use, but would save time as well... meaning more time for drawing and games!

I haven't created an app (yet) and don't get anything from mentioning any here. I am just sharing my thoughts on the apps that I use.

Have fun discovering new apps and or ways to save time and or be productive. Any tips on saving time that you have would be truly appreciated.

Happy Creative Day!