Sam Gets Two Homes ... a Book for Children

Hi everybody,

Its been a while since I wrote because I've been flat out drawing and colouring 32 pages of illustrations for a children's therapeutic storybook written by Donna Mahoney.

I really enjoyed illustrating this story and can't wait to do more! I designed the cover and book layout as well and now that its finished, I am looking for more books (or anything else for that matter!) to illustrate and design (hint hint!!! hee hee).

Here's a small preview of the book...

"Sam Gets Two Homes" is a story about two children who arrive home from school one day to discover that their father has moved out. The story takes the reader through the rollercoaster of emotions that are felt when families break apart.

Without spilling the beans, it has a happy ending with a few questions at the end to encourage the children and their parents or carers to chat about their feelings.

Although aimed at a younger audience, this book is perfect for adults as well - reading about other families who go through similar circumstances is comforting for everyone.

"Sam Gets Two Homes" is out now as both a printed book and eBook at the Lulu Bookstore. Ask to borrow it at your local library (give them the ISBN (9781291740356) and they can add order it and to their catalogue) or buy it direct from Donna Mahoney's online shop at Lulu.

I'm back to posting more regularly now and have nearly finished an Adobe Photoshop tutorial about how to draw vector shapes, so watch out for that in the next few days.

Happy Creative Day!!!