Shine ... Its Like Glitter For Your Soul

There are days when it all just seems too hard. Life just gets messy and all you want to do is curl up in bed and block out the world. 

SHINE was written by 38 inspiring women who have all had the darkest of days but drawn on their inner strength to create the brightest of lives. I am one of the priviledged women who have been a part of this book from the beginning, when it was a little sparkle in Kathie's mind. 

I've also had the pleasure of being involved with the design process, helping Kathie with the cover design and internal pages.

We've all answered a series of questions from Kathie and she's collated them into a beautiful and inspiring story that will make you smile, warm your hearts and possibly bring tears to your eyes. 

I feel very lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible and strong women. Read about their journeys through love, loss and life, while getting to know all of the amazing authors. 

The stories aren't just inspiring and uplifting, its a great read as well. They give hope to any who seem lost as well as to those who aren't. The women in this book prove that there really is bright, sparkling sunshine after a dark gloomy storm.

What chatting about totally fantastic books... another book everyone should read (or check out the movie starring Will Smith) is "The Pursuit of Happyness" by Chris Gardner. Such an incredible and inspiring man. What a story!

Happy reading!