My Bestest Idea Ever

So I've been a bit quiet on the blogging and enews side of things... but designing a website keeps me out of trouble! Its coming along nicely, some days better than others (like all work) but now I've ditched the silly templates with too much excess code, its working really well. Just need to find a way to add a gallery that my client "South Central Concrete Services" (the best concrete specialists in Australia!) is able to use easily and efficiently.

So back to my amazing idea. As you can guess its all about Art :D I do love art!!! I love everything about it - the images, textures, colours, smells, everything. There are so many wonderfully talented artists in our world. As well as creating art, I love seeing other people's creations and watching how it progresses... its amazing! You can get a group of people using the same supplies, yet every single piece is different... even when they're based on the same theme or project. They're always incredible and so inspiring.


Who wants to make a really big canvas?

I know I do! Its been on my to-do list since forever. I've created one a few moons ago and called it "Advancing". Its just over a metre tall and about 80cm wide, not your usual rectangle shaped artwork either. Its a triangle ... made when I was 17 years old and living in a private hotel (like a boarding house) in the city.

I made the triangle base using pine and tacks, stretching the canvas so evenly you'd think I'd done it before! Well, teenagers do know everything, don't they? lol
I painted spheres and triangles using 3D style rendering and gave it a dark (diox) purple background that came out so dark it looked almost black... such a beautiful colour! But then, I say that about all colours... even pink and grey some days! I still have it, its hanging in my Art Studio after living at my parent's home for a few years.

I started doing another big work of art many years later, but it got left behind with my past life. It was of a clown with papermache balloons lounging around on a cupboard across the three doors. It didn't get finished, and I expect the cupboard got either thrown out or given away after I moved away. Doesn't matter, while a friend made the cupboard for me, it was only chipboard (the wooden kind, not cardboard) and the balloons ended up being too heavy and kept sagging. A lesson learnt - layers need to dry before adding more layers!

I love making miniature artworks like Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and small canvases but I love huge artworks too. They're mesmerising!

So back to today's amazing idea (again)

Each month, create a really big canvas using shimmering paints, texture paste, wooden or cardboard (chipboard) shapes, more paint, paint markers, string, 3D varnish, iridescent and glass bead mediums, fabrics, papers and lots of fun techniques. Throwing, splattering, dripping, painting, glueing, sponging, stenciling, stamping... whatever you want to do. Its going to be two days of art therapy and the finished artwork with be something made straight from your heart (and hands!).

There will be a theme each month... September is Mermaids. Inspired by both this month's ATC theme and a gorgeous canvas piece I found the other day.

The inspiration - a gorgeous mermaid artwork by Gabrielle Pollacco
October could be Birds or Feathers. Other ideas racing around my head are Seahorses and Seadragons, Steampunk, Love, Frogs (Amphibians), Butterflies, Dragonflies, Other Insects, Alice in Wonderland, Dragons, Ocean Life, Octopus' Garden, Strawberry Fields, Yellow Submarine (gotta love Beatles, they've loads of fab songs to inspire and guide the art), Bears (polar bears, pandas, grizzlies, etc) or Teddy Bears if you like... so many themes to use.

If you have an idea or subject, feel free to use that no matter what the theme is advertised. Its your canvas, so you create whatever YOU want!

My plan

I'll guide you through the techniques for each part of the artwork and supply the theme. Its up to you what colours or actual design you choose to create. On display will be a finished piece as a guide for what could be done, plus I'll be creating a canvas along side you. Sometimes its easier to see the process happen, rather than just be shown each technique.

So who's in? I know I am!!! Excited much? Me? Nah!!! Just an over enthusiastic artist just itching to share the love of all the awesome arty techniques in the world.

The only decision you and I need to make now is the size of canvas - Big, Huge, Ginormous, Extravagant or Over the Top. I think we all need to make at least one of each!!!

There are so many options available for you when your artwork is finished too. Keep and hang on your wall, give away, sell or photograph and create prints or upload to Redbubble (or other online art sites). Whether to sell, keep or give the original away is something I don't decide until after an artwork is finished. I just love the process and creating art - whatever will be, will be.

FYI ... To buy an original artwork (30"x48"), you are looking at around $800 (often up to $2000 or more, depending on who the artist is, the subject and techniques used).

Ooooh....! You know what else? We could collect our artworks together over the next 6 months or so and hold an exhibition in a public gallery for the rest of the community to see! I'd feel so privileged to share an exhibition with you. One day I'll have a gallery of my own where you can showcase your artwork anytime. Until that happens, I'll find somewhere else.

You can see how I get a bit excited about art and everything, so much that I'd just rabbit on about it for ages. So that's enough from me. Here are the complete details:

'Create a Canvas' Workshops

when -- 3rd Saturday of every month (if you work Saturdays, choose another day and have a "one on one" workshop)
at -- 10am start
where -- Art by Jenny Studio, Noarlunga
(address given at booking, 50% deposit required at booking)
how much -- $tba per canvas
no need to bring a thing -- unless you want to
i will supply -- all art supplies, one canvas, instructions, lunch, tea, coffee, drinks, morning tea, afternoon tea, laughs, lots of fun
you receive -- beautiful, finished artwork and a fabulous experience

'Something on Saturday' Workshops

This is for all the other Saturdays when the Big Canvas Workshops aren't on.
when -- Saturday afternoon
at -- 1pm to 4pm
where -- Art by Jenny Studio, Noarlunga
how much -- $tba per afternoon
what to bring -- nothing (unless you have favourite tools)
i will supply -- art and craft supplies, instruction, tea, coffee, drinks, laughs and lots of fun
you receive -- an afternoon of art and craft, to keep whatever you create. Choose from mixed media art, cards, art journaling, turn an old book into a journal, ornaments, crocheted or paper flowers, Gelli prints, a perpetual calendar - anything at all.

How to Pay

There will be a "Book Now" option in my shop shortly, so you can pay a deposit or in full with Paypal (using credit card or a Paypal account).

Phone or message me to book or for more information ... 0428 898 120

Happy Creative Day!!!